Zero Waste in Industrial Networks (ZeroWin)

“ZeroWIN” is a five year project running 2009-2014, funded by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme. The main aim of the project – or put another way, the mission statement of the ZeroWIN consortium - is to show that the approach adopted by the ZeroWIN consortium can enable industrial networks in targeted sectors to meet at least two of the following stringent targets:

  • 30% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 70% overall re-use and recycling of waste
  • 75% reduction of fresh water use

The key strategies of the ZeroWIN approach are: designing waste out of the system; industrial
symbiosis and closed-loop supply chain management; use of effective waste prevention methods
and new technologies; applying individual producer responsibility; and accurate monitoring and
assessment of results. See also

For more information see here.

Additional information and results you can see by these LINK.

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ReUse-Computer Association creates RXP

The establishment of the RXP platform (Resource Exchange Platform, improved the business opportunities of our organization, especially by identifying customers in the Berlin region. As RXP includes other industries than ICT, the variety of materials and products that are traded by RXP increased, thus our resource base for future production and activity of ReUse-Computer is strengthened. Further, a spin-out is actually in the planning phase. Text here.

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