ReUse-Computer Society

Between 2001 and 2005 the cooperation project “ReUse-Computer” was carried out by diverse partners coordinated by the kubus science shop, Technical University Berlin. It was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, with the goal of sustainable strategies for the (re-)use of IT equipment.

In all, 17 project partners participated in the project and up to 27 companies were involved. The ReUse-Computer Society aims to make a contribution towards protecting the environment and conserving resources, and towards sustainable development of the economy, by promoting the re-use and the further use of used computer and IT equipment.

The goal of the society is to make it possible for the general public to use high-quality used computers and IT-technology at affordable prices and at the same time to promote the ReUse idea. Anybody who agrees with the Re-Use ideas can support the ReUse-Computer Society by becoming a member - private individuals and companies, public administrations, or social institutions, or you.

The ReUse-Computer association is self organized and decentralised. The majority of network participants are specialist computer companies, and in view of their specific size we refer to these as micro-companies. Other participants include a publicly oriented environmental research institute (UfU e.V.), university research institutes (Fraunhofer IZM, TU Berlin), NGOs (Local Agenda 21 Treptow-Köpenick) and artists (Experience Art!). The key result of our project, however, is that we have indeed managed to establish a regionally-focused, decentralised network of companies for sustainability in computer technology: ReUse-Computer.