Quality assurance

The hardware marketed under the label "ReUse-Computer" goes through a standard refurbishment process and a series of routine checks to establish its reliability.

It is the members of ReUse-Computer Society who develop and test standard quality assurance procedures and carry out public relations work and provide customer advice/service.

When the used computer is received, the hardware undergoes a thorough check – that saves time and money further along the process chain. After testing, data deletion and cleaning, the hardware is registered and refurbished, or if necessary also fitted with extra components.

The quality of ReUse-Computer equipment is assured:

  • by serial numbers for each appliance, which are stored in a nationwide database for service purposes,
  • test records, which are supplied to the customer,
  • by a cleaning procedure for every appliance (in- and outside),
  • different requirements and (exclusion) criteria for treatment of used hardware.

The key element of ReUse-Quality assurance is the combination of professional test procedures with the experience and care of the computer dealer.